Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification - 101

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The Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification is designed for a person who facilitates vaginal steam sessions for clients in a professional setting or offers mobile service steam sessions. Perfect for spas, acupuncture clinics, birthworkers, massage studios, alternative health providers, and beauty salons. This is the first level of certification as a vaginal steam specialist and shows that the facilitator knows how to screen for contraindications and sensitivities in order to choose a safe vaginal steam setup and select the right Steamy Chick herb blend for each client's needs.

Participants Usually Include:



Naturopathic Doctors

Alternative Medicine Providers

Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioners

Holistic Healthcare Coaches

Yoga Instructors


Massage Therapists


Beauty Care Professionals

Spa Owners

Women's Wellness Advocates

Topics Include:

-When steaming is contraindicated

-How to screen for sensitive users prone to side-effects

-Mild steam setup

-Advanced steam setup

-How to screen for excess heat

-How to choose the right Steamy Chick herbal formula

-Easy to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas

-Basic steam plans

-Intake form and waiver for use with clients

-The business side of vaginal steaming (setting prices, insurance, attracting clients, how to get started)

-Womb Cleanse Care

Course materials:

Video Lectures

Study Guides

Practice Quizzes

Practice Assignments

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Intake Form

 The entire course takes about 6-7 hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.

Certification Requirements:

1) Satisfactorily complete all the lessons and practice assignments for Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification course

2) Pass the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Exam 

Vaginal Steam Directory

Once certified the participant will receive a free listing in the Vaginal Steam Directory. 

Recommended Course Materials:

To complete the assignments, it is recommended that you purchase a Vaginal Steam Sauna or that you have something comparable that you can use during the course.


Keli Garza

Meet Some of Our Certified Practitioners


Steamy Chick Vaginal Steam Facilitator Review

Written by Raya on 16th Feb 2019

This course is full of lots of useful information, and I value highly that it's based on the case studies of so many women. I am extremely grateful that the work to normalise this practice and get in accepted as a treatment is being done and spearheaded by Keli and her team, it's very much needed and I know this is only the beginning of a women's health revolution!!! I love how the course is delivered in an approachable and light hearted way. It would be great if we could receive practical and in depth written case study information and statistics to support the practice and offer to our clients and networks, but I am sure this will come in due course!


Written by Teal Milloway on 13th Feb 2019

This course and Kelli, has been such a pleasure. I am so happy that it was at my own pace because I am so busy. I enjoyed every moment of it, especially for the price! She shared and taught us LOTS of useful and important knowledge, and I cannot wait until I get my certification! Even after this course, and I become a practitioner, building my own stools, I am still itching to learn more and more everyday.

Loved this course!

Written by Devika on 12th Feb 2019

I'm so glad I took this course! I took it to help myself and others around me, and I am hoping to do the Peristeam Hydrotherapist course in the near future. So much helpful information in this course! <3 Keli is SUCH a great and inspiring wealth of information! The videos were easy to follow and the supporting worksheets really flowed well with these videos. I felt really good going into the exam: thank you for all that you do Keli AND your awesome team! Loved my interactions with Aqiylah especially! <3 She's amazing!

Herbal steaming, period care and tea health!

Written by Jaime on 12th Feb 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed learning all these key subjects in this course. Not only did I get to learn about the herbs for vaginal steaming but the benefits of specific herbal teas while on your period as well, sense steaming while mensuration is contraindicated. I enjoyed learning about period care. This was an eye opener compared to what we were taught as young women in school. Most women I have talked to about this have no clue that they are inhibiting the natural flow of their periods because of tampons and other strenuous activity while menstruating. A couple things i ran into where 1) the soft contraindication for a double period. In the materials and notes in the beginning say that its ok to use a mild set up and gental herb blend for some one with 2 periods as long as they are not spotting fresh mens or currently bleeding. On my practice exam i was failed for choosing said “set up”. 2) I am not a very technologically savy person and uploading the online intake and turning it into a PDF was extremely challenging and I had to recruit my brother who IS techy to help me and he still had problems converting the intake into a PDF. Not sure how this could be improved but figured it was worth mentioning because I almost gave up completely because of this hang up. Overall the responses to my questions were answered in a timely manner and I know we are all learning together so here is to the next course I bought and anticipate starting ASAP!!! :D


Written by Henrietta on 9th Feb 2019

I was ultimately disappointed by the course. The videos are unprofessional, the instructor silly and disorganized in thought, and there are a few places of internal contradiction. I realize this review will likely be deleted since it is on the home site, but this perspective needs to be shared and perhaps it will serve to support improving the course. A couple things that really stuck out to me were: 1) claiming that anything longer or shorter than 28 days is not healthy and requires ameliorating (in fact a healthy cycle ranges from 21-35 days - several studies and Fertility Awareness Methods support this), and 2) claiming that the cervical fluid (or mucus) will change into a "nectar" -- yes I agree there can be some changes, but to take authority in saying cervical "mucus" is gross and bad when this is actually a normal function of fertility is a disservice to women trying to learn how to take care of their own health. Furthermore, it was indicated that reviews could be anonymous (which is key given that it seems an honest review could compromise the certification process for which I have just paid), and clearly it isn't as a name & email address is required. Thoroughly disappointed. KELI GARZA RESPONSE: Wow! I've never received any feedback like this ever before. I did not invent these concepts out of thin air. They are based on observations of over 700 women and over 7 years of personal experience using the therapy. After you have observed the effects of vaginal steaming on over 700 women and used it for 7 years I would be interested if you have the same conclusions. To reduce my observations to "silly" might be short-sighted when they are based on evidence. I suppose many scientific theorists and observers in unchartered territories have also been disregarded as "silly". I am really sorry that you did not enjoy this course and do not value this information.

best course ever

Written by Jasimin Hall on 8th Feb 2019

I loved this course. The information was thorough and very easy to understand. I feel very comfortable providing steaming services with the knowledge I obtained from this course.

LOVE this course!!!

Written by Caren Minery on 8th Feb 2019

Wow, what an amazing course! I am so grateful to have taken it. At the end of this course, I feel that I can facilitate a safe steam session for clients, can answer there questions and can help them help themselves and their vaginas! I look forward to helping women!

An excellent introduction

Written by Elyssa Glaus on 6th Feb 2019

If you wish to achieve full mastery of Vaginal Steaming, you will definitely want to take the Peristeam Hydrotherapist Courses. However, if you are willing to put in the work with your clients and learn to tailor to best suit their needs, this is an excellent place to start. You will learn the basics, plus some extras! Hopefully one day I will make it back around to take the Hydrotherapist course, but for now, I think I am ready to start helping women! :)

A healthy womb creates a happy woman!!

Written by LaMiyah Cromartie on 5th Feb 2019

This class was absolutely amazing! I personally want to thank Keli for such an informative, creative, and well taught class. I surely took my time, to ensure I caught everything that was said. I am so excited to be a vaginal steam practitioner and thanks to steamychick for allowing me to be part of it. I recommend this class to any woman who’s willing to learn the anatomy of our womb. Greatest course ever! Heyyyyy to yoni steaming

Course Review

Written by Tomeka Armstead on 4th Feb 2019

This course was so awesome! I am so glad I chose this course with Steamy Chick. The lectures was easy to follow and understand. She really know this business and I will recommend her for anyone that would like to become certified in V-Steaming.

empowerment :)

Written by Amanda on 30th Jan 2019

YESSSS! Do it!!


Written by Lynsey Genevieve on 25th Jan 2019

I am so happy with this course, I am planning to continue my studies and work toward my PeriSteam Hydrotherapy Certification. Each video is engaging and informative. Kelli’s energy is inspiring and passionate!


Written by Valerie L on 21st Jan 2019

I learned so much in this course. It was easy to follow and very informative. I cannot wait to share the info I have learned with my clients!


Written by Ashley C McClendon on 18th Jan 2019

This class is amazing. I am so inspired and motivated. I can't wait to join the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute for the advance course. Thanks ladies for an amazing experience and opportunties.

Steam, Love, Health, Juice!

Written by Sarah Louisignau on 18th Jan 2019

I loved the approach Keli took with this course, it was highly informative, easy to follow, and also friendly and approachable. I also loved all the interaction with other practitioners through the comment sections! I learned a lot and am so grateful for Keli and all the hard work she's done to compile this information, and cannot wait to join the revolution in women's health through vaginal steaming!

Excellent Course

Written by Alexandria Gibson on 18th Jan 2019

I really enjoyed this course, the information was very thorough but easy to understand. Most of all I love that it was work at your own pace because as we all know with life and it’s many obstacles things don’t always go as planned it took me a little longer than I expected due to being a new Mom with baby number two when I begin this course ! I will continue to recommend it to my colleagues and friends

Very Informative

Written by Jennifer Washington on 16th Jan 2019

I truly enjoyed this course. It was full of some really great information. If you are not computer literate as I am not, it can be a bit difficult to submit some of the information you're asked to submit. But as a whole the class was great. I wish I had known about this when I was growing up. I think this can really be an empowering tool for young women to start using as early as possible.

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course Review

Written by Devin on 16th Jan 2019

This course is super informative and empowering. I really like how detailed Keli is in her descriptions and how well she has documented all of her clients. I have already started sharing this with my friends and they love it. I can't wait to begin practicing fully when I receive my certification! Thank you for creating this offering!!


Written by Paulette on 14th Jan 2019

This course is soooo thorough and broken down into (what becomes) “common sense”. Our bodies are not as complex as we’ve been taught. Keli does a wonderful job providing information that connects the dots. I stumbled once or twice in confusing my info but thankfully I was able to move at my own pace to get it right. I LOVED taking this course! Thank you Keli!


Written by Serra Piko on 14th Jan 2019

I have learned SO much through this course and can't wait to start educating and steaming the ladies! But what made this course so much more fun and interesting and stand out from any course I have ever taken, is how authentic, natural and real Keli is! Amazing woman, amazing course, amazing future! Loved it!


Written by Tira Robinson on 13th Jan 2019

I really enjoyed going through this course. I like that fact that they you go at your own pace. Each module was backed up with a quiz to help you move throughout the course. This course is very informative, easy to learn, and fun to go through. I am so glad a friend of mine recommended it to me!!!

loved it !

Written by Daniela on 11th Jan 2019

This course is incredibly thorough and rich in insights. Keli draws on her extensive steaming experience with clients, calls upon other professionals for their insights, eloquently bridges western, traditional Chinese medicine, and various traditional health perspectives creating a well rounded multifaceted program. Keli & her team were incredibly prompt with their responses to questions throughout the course. I'm satisfied and proud to be involved with this team. Thank you!


Written by Ashley E on 10th Jan 2019

Finishing this certification very confident and knowledgeable. Loved the real and relatable content.

Great class full of powerful information!

Written by Katie Bradshaw on 9th Jan 2019

Thank you Kelli and team!!! This class has already been life changing for me. I learned so much more than I could have imagined. Thank you , thank you, thank you for passing along this wisdom. Great class, well taught, love the study guides. I feel very safe and ready to help heal some women!!!!

Comprehensive and professional facilitation

Written by Helen Zee on 9th Jan 2019

This course is well laid out. Very informative with ample information to go out and start practicing Vaginal Steams. Well done. Well thought out and broken down processes.

Great Course

Written by Stephanie Kresta on 8th Jan 2019

Loved learning more about vaginal steaming and I'm excited to provide others with such a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed this course and feel very prepared to begin steaming.


Written by Pinx on 8th Jan 2019

I found this course very informative. Such interesting and very important information that is necessary for safe steaming.

Vaginal Steam Facilitor Course

Written by Goddezz on 2nd Jan 2019

This was an amzing course and I am so excited to be offering this services to my client. Ive been steaming for about 8 months and my clients love it. I plan to take more courses in the near future.

Great course

Written by M on 1st Jan 2019

This course was super informative and easy to follow. Keli and Aqiylah are very responsive to questions. I did have a little frustration at one point because I’m pretty sure there was a test question on an aspect of the material that was not taught in the video lectures. So excited to put my new found knowledge into practice and start helping women!

Practitioner Course

Written by Christine on 1st Jan 2019

I am really inspired by this course. I have learned so much about the way women's bodies work and how we can heal ourselves without resorting to a medical system riddle with a troublesome history. I look forward to starting my practice and continuing with more courses.

Packed full of amazing information

Written by Melanie Kohler-Schlager on 29th Dec 2018

Keli has prepared a fabulous curriculum full of important content that is broken down into very easy to understand modules and videos. The subject matter is kind of intimidating but Keli is an excellent teacher. Thank you!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification - 101

Written by Shari Williams on 22nd Dec 2018

This was in-depth and informative course on vaginal steaming, All of the knowledge if have gained will help me tremendously in facilitating steam sessions with future clients. A very big Thank You to Keli for giving us this as a valuable tool to help nourish and heal women and their bodies.


Written by Noel on 19th Dec 2018

I absolutely loved this course. I learned SO much. I had quite a few "ah haaa" moments throughout this course as I begin to realize everything we THOUGHT we knew about vaginal care is not accurate. I love that you can go at your own pace through this course so you don't feel like you're rushed. You can go back and rewatch the lectures if need be. The information that I learned was so eye opening. I will definitely be taking more courses through steamy chick.

This Class and Company Is Amazing!!!

Written by LYANI POWERS on 19th Dec 2018

I discovered steamy chick through a friend when i was sharing my challenge with fibroids. After becoming a client, and getting rid of my fibroids!!!, I knew I had to gain the knowledge to help others. The class was very informative and relatable. The online platform, class setup, notes, practice quizzes and exams are set up perfectly to support you in your endeavor. I am so excited to further the Steamy Chick message!

Dec. 18th 2018

Written by Amazing!! on 18th Dec 2018

This course was absolutely amazing! Very informative, educational and easy to understand. I most definitely will recommend this to anyone looking to be a certified Yoni Facilitator. I am glad my search to become certified led me here.


Written by Kristen Hurvitz on 12th Dec 2018

This course was fantastic and I highly recommend! Kelli is extremely knowledgable and I can't wait to begin using vaginal steaming with clients.

Vaginal Steam practitioner course

Written by Lindy Bosma on 5th Dec 2018

I loved te course! So much information, can't wait to use it more for myself and for all my future clients. Will definitly make vaginal steaming more known here.


Written by Snippsauna on 4th Dec 2018

The course has been very helpful and it is an important tool for anyone who intends to take their steam to a level where you met clients. You feel safe and the clients are safe after this course.


Written by Ariane Bailey on 29th Nov 2018

These courses are so informative and necessary. Women need this information and Keli is great at relaying it. I will definitely be continuing with all the classes she has to offer here :)

Vaginal steam course review

Written by Geneva Rayne on 28th Nov 2018

By far the best course content i have come across. I have gained a lot of confidence with the knowledge provided. Course was easy to navigate, and great to complete even while having small children around! No regrets, highly recommended

Lovely course

Written by Zerah on 28th Nov 2018

Thank you for this course, Keli! I love the format, it was easy to follow, I love the resources you provided and I now feel confident in offering steam services to my community. Keep doing the good work!

A great course

Written by Jana on 27th Nov 2018

Thanks Keli and the team for this great course. Although I am an herbalist and I've been using steaming since my childhood there were some interesting informations about steaming for me and I would love to continue. I like the way you teach and have to say - I enjoyed your look with a pen as you look serious :) So thanks again!

Loved this course

Written by Sarah Byrd on 27th Nov 2018

I am an herbalist and thought this knowledge and certification would be a good tool to add to my proverbial "herb pouch." I really enjoyed the structure of this class, it was easy to follow and the practice quizzes really helped me absorb all of the info. The ability to leave questions in the interactive comments section is great, Kelli responds really quickly and I learned so much from reading previous student questions. This is fantastic information that Kelli has collected and revived. I have already used steaming on myself and I have seen huge changes for the better. I can't wait to share this with my clients and friends.

Really happy that I took the course

Written by Franciska on 22nd Nov 2018

I began steaming after my second child. It was extremely beneficial for me and while I had an idea about what to do I really wanted to have some more solid information on the practice going forward. I'm so glad I took this course (and others offered) because there is *a lot* that I hadn't considered when embarking on the practice on my own. This is such powerful medicine and now I feel like I have a solid foundation on which to start expanding my knowledge and sharing it with other women.

Loved the course!!

Written by CYNTHIA RENA on 21st Nov 2018

I absolutely loved this course and Keli is a wonderful teacher!! The information is so fascinating and affirming. It all makes so much sense that there are practices that honor our bodies but have been suppressed by western medicine. I've had so many issues with my reproductive health and was thrilled to learn of alternative ways of healing and caring for our bodies as women, as I believe western medicine fails us. The course was easy to follow and easy to understand. Aqiylah was great as feedback and answering questions too! I really appreciate all the responsiveness and encouragement. I am currently taking the herb course and I am loving it as well! I highly recommend to all women!

So grateful to be a part of this movement!

Written by Kim Nelson on 20th Nov 2018

This course was a total gem and I feel very prepared to start facilitating this healing practice for my community. I'm a birth and postpartum birth doula, so this practice is the perfect complement and I'm excited to someday soon take the postpartum course. If you're on the fence about taking this, just do it, and help heal yourself and revive this beautiful practice into the mainstream.

Totally worth it, if just for your own well being!

Written by Heather Goldberg on 18th Nov 2018

As a holistic massage practitioner, I was excited to take a program that would allow me to intoduce this amazing practice to my clients. I had been steaming for two years at Korean Spas. The amount of wisdom and knowledge in this course went above and beyond what I expected! I had no idea the intricacies involved! I am so grateful that now can I not only steam myself more safely and accurately, but I feel I have the knowledge now to do so with my clients. Empowering, exquisite medicine! Thank you Keli!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Nesa on 8th Nov 2018

This course has left me feeling empowered! This course and the Easy to make herb course are the two that I recommend to feel knowledgable and confident in moving forward as a vaginal steam facilitator. I also appreciate the business side information that was provided. Thank you so much for this course Kelli! If you are thinking about doing this, go for it! You won't be disappointed.

100% Satisfied

Written by Carol on 31st Oct 2018

The course is very entertaining. Kelly is amazing, she explains things in a very detailed way, she is an excellent professional. It seems that the content of the course is very interesting. I liked it a lot because although it is an online course it feels very personalized, you are receiving feedbacks and you can interact with other students

Steam Herbs

Written by Lindsay on 29th Oct 2018

I've always been interested in plants, and taking the vaginal steam herb course really deepened my appreciation and wonder at the properties of plants. I feel that combining the herb course with the steam facilitator course gives me the depth of understanding I want to provide personalized herb blends for my clients. It makes it even more meaningful to me to be able to learn about different herbs and be able to add the personal touch of my own blends to my steam service. I am excited to continue to learn about the many many medicinal herbs out there, and also to grow my own herbs. Totally recommend this course!

Fantastic Course Packed with Great Info!!

Written by Christine Tara Peterson on 26th Oct 2018

I highly recommend this fantastic course that is loaded with great information presented in a time efficient and very effective manner. You get real tools to help yourself and others in a safe and informed way. I highly recommend this course for all women.

Amazing Course!

Written by C.J. Thomas on 24th Oct 2018

I feel so much more empowered after taking this course and can't wait to go out and help other women take control of their reproductive health. I had done vaginal steaming before this course but did not know half as much about the contraindications and types of steams, how to set them up, and when and when not to use them. This course gave me the information I needed to feel confident as a facilitator.

I love this course!

Written by Nicole Pruitt on 24th Oct 2018

I learned so much from this class. Keli is thorough in her teaching and very responsive to follow-up questions. I am prepared to create safe steaming plans for clients and I can't WAIT to keep learning more!!! Thank you so much for providing this learning opportunity Keli. This is exactly what I've been waiting for xoxoxo

Loved The Course

Written by Sharnell Burke on 23rd Oct 2018

The Vaginal Steaming Course was great. Very informative and it widens your mind. Keli is great at what she does and her whole team. I am glad I chose this course. I will incorporate my v steaming, my body sculpting / contouring with my esthetics experience and license to help women and educate women that there is more than just what we are told at doctors offices and GYN offices. Again Thank You, I'm super happy. Queen Divas Body Sculpting We did it!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Amelia Bachtiar on 21st Oct 2018

Wow! This course was amazing and has truly changed my life on how I view women's wellness. I learned so much in this course and I feel confident educating other women about yoni steaming. I can't wait to help other women heal themselves holistically. Thank you so much Kelli for your wisdom and thoroughness.


Written by Sandra R Garzon on 19th Oct 2018

The course was wonderful. The information was very important and entertaining enough to retain. I feel so empowered and ready to help other women. I am very happy to can offer good and professional service to other women. I would like to continue my education.

Very informative course

Written by Venus H. on 15th Oct 2018

I just completed the Facilitators course and I'm so glad I took it. I am a licensed massage therapist and esthetician and I can't wait to begin offering vaginal steaming to my clients. I plan to focus my practice on women's wellness so this is going to be a great addition to my menu of services. Thank you!


Written by Julie Austin on 13th Oct 2018

I am very grateful to have been able to connect to this wisdom and this feminine heritage. Thank you Keli. This training is a real gift. I am full of energy and so happy to be able to encourage women to take care of themselves that way.

Yoni steam facilitator

Written by Uduak on 9th Oct 2018

Highly recommended, A great platform to get insight, knowledge and an in-depth understanding of our womb health and cycles. Thank you.

Highly recommend

Written by Lauren Jilek on 8th Oct 2018

I have learned valuable information in this course that gives me a solid foundation to discuss steaming options with clients. The course was easy to follow with aligned notes, videos, and assignments. I am grateful for all the women at Steamy Chick who strive for you to succeed with rigorous testing and feedback. I am so excited to spread the practice!

Wonderful course!

Written by Angela Stringhini on 8th Oct 2018

I have completed the V-steam facilitator course and the V-steam Herbal course. I recommend this course for all those who want to be practitioner or want to learn to help yourself. Keli is an excellent teacher, she has charisma and the way she explains makes it all very simple. The course is very well structured, easy to follow and it is in depth. It covers all that you need to know to do a safe and healing vsteam and Keli gives you all the tools that you need and situations you may face during your practice or when doing your treatment. I highly recommend this course and Keli's teachings, I can't wait to start my practise and soon do more treatments

Yoni Steam

Written by Andrea Nehesi on 4th Oct 2018

I have learned so much about my body and how to have a healthy period through this course. Keli's videos explain the procedures and philosophy very thoroughly and I appreciate how clear her instruction style is! I am looking forward to deepening my practice with yo I steaming.

Love this

Written by Cheryl MacDonald on 24th Sep 2018

I cannot recommend this course enough. So much info and so interesting

Great Information, very knowledgeable

Written by Darlene Johnson on 23rd Sep 2018

This course was amazing. The information presented was easy enough and entertaining enough to retain. I feel so empowered and ready to empower other women. Steaming has changed my life in these last few months and I am very happy I found Keli and Steamy Chick, I;m looking forward to continuing my education and becoming more and more knowledgeable!


Written by Amy Bennett on 22nd Sep 2018

This course is so informative. If you have any questions while completing it, there's always individualized help for you. I feel totally confident now in my ability to provide clients with this service!

Wisdom to be shared with the world

Written by Marisa Reyes on 21st Sep 2018

The ancient wisdom that Keli shares in this course is priceless. I am so grateful to have found someone who is truly gifting women the power to take their reproductive health back into their own hands. I came out of this course super inspired and so excited to share with all of the women in my life. This is such a great add-on to the abdominal massage services I am already offering.

So deeply nourishing in its content.

Written by Shellan Kinvig on 20th Sep 2018

I am so pleased to have found this course. There is no other in depth course that offers this type of study on the uterus and the period. Getting started on the work of Vaginal steaming, I already see the benefit of using this knowledge in my own life and health. I cannot wait to share it with my patients. thank you ladies!

WRITTEN BY Monika ON 198TH Sept 2018

Written by Monika Valová on 18th Sep 2018

This course was well worth the money! I really enjoyed taking it. Tkank you Keli for such a great amount of useful information.

A Wealth of Knowledge!

Written by Adrienne on 17th Sep 2018

This has been such a wonderful program. Keli explains the concepts well and you can't help but feel excited to become a facilitator as well as work through your own steaming journey. Steaming gives women back control over their periods and you walk away from this course feeling empowered to share the knowledge with others.

Yoni Steam

Written by Anja on 17th Sep 2018

I learned so much on this course. I had been trying to find more information, in depth education on vaginal steam and there really didn't seem to be much out there. Only a few article but nothing I felt was properly researched or with much experience. Really happy to have found Steamy Chick and learn from Keli. The course is not just a quick online tick box training. You have to study, research and experiment. And you get proper feedback from Keli as well which is what one needs when learning. You feel like you are actually part of a course as an individual which is sometimes lacking in an online course. Thank you Keli for all your support and encouragement.

Facilitator Course

Written by DeAnna Tharpe on 16th Sep 2018

This course was very easy to understand and affordable. I appreciate the time and effort put into creating this course.

V steam facilitator course

Written by Habibah on 16th Sep 2018

The course was good, I liked how Keli got passion for the steaming and can tell by how she presents the course and shares info about her research and case studies. It was comprehensive for the basics of steaming so I am more confident to advise, screen and facilitate steams for my ladies. I can definitely recommend.

Essential wisdom

Written by Jessica Lipinski on 14th Sep 2018

I feel like this is a course every bleeding woman should take so we all facilitate this practice for each other and all the women in our lives. So basic - SO needed! Thank you!

Great information!

Written by Jaime Goldman on 12th Sep 2018

I loved this course. The content and assignments were meaningful and presented in a digestible manner. I loved increasing my knowledge around the foundations and safe use of vaginal steaming. I now feel extremely confident in expanding my offering to include vaginal steaming to appropriate clients. Thank you!

Steam facilitator

Written by Nicole Neely on 9th Sep 2018

Enjoyed this course greatly!


Written by Toye Baker on 9th Sep 2018

This vaginal steam facilitator course has me so hyped. Im ready to start implementing all the things keli taught and explained. I have waited for the opportunity to provide care naturally for years. The course was too the point, detailed, informative as well as interesting. Thanks for all you do to empower women.

Loved this course.

Written by Emily on 8th Sep 2018

I took this course as a refresher. It was a great reminder of how to meet my client's specific needs. I love this company. Thank you for the wonderful course and certification.

Wonderful course!

Written by Celine on 7th Sep 2018

Loved everything about the course! Very thorough and easy to understand. I was able to complete it at my own pace and I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge with more classes :) Thank you Keli and the Steamy Chick team!

Giving Thanks

Written by Kanika Nafre (Yoian Eleuthere) on 6th Sep 2018

Thank you so much! This course is very informative and very empowering. I deeply appreciate the effort, professionalism and quality information you are providing us. Peace, Health and Prosperity to you <3

Excellent Class!

Written by Debra Jessie on 5th Sep 2018

This course was well worth the money and very easy to follow!

Educational and laid back

Written by Becky on 3rd Sep 2018

I really enjoyed this class. It was pretty hard to hear at times because of the sound quality and/or beautiful outdoor setting. I know she is re-recording all of them and they will be available soon. That will be helpful. I really appreciated Keli’s laidback approach to teaching this course and I enjoyed being able to watch the course at my own pace. You just want to hang it with her. I learned so much and look forward to taking more Steamy Chick classes in the future.


Written by Abiana on 30th Aug 2018

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, beauty and simplicity. I feel inspired to do the same in the world. I learned so much and had a great time learning. The fact that it's online allows me to go at my own pace and to go back and rewatch something. I'm sad that it's over! But happy that I'm still working on the Herb Selection Course! Take this class! You won't regret it.

Great course and information.

Written by Wendi on 30th Aug 2018

Keli, I can't thank you enough for deciding to share your expertise. The course was very easy to navigate while also providing a wealth of information regarding the practice of vaginal steaming! I am thrilled to be apart of such a powerful movement in Women's Health! XO

Amazing learning opportunity. Well thought out and presented information. Thank you.

Written by Siri Bright on 28th Aug 2018

Thank you Kelli and your team who pulled this together. Its was accessible and really a wonderful way to learn about the history and application of steaming. I LOVE that you do your recordings outside, I get why, I'd just suggest that you do them not next to a waterfall- it was often hard to hear. Otherwise, I can't wait to share this information with women up in Canada. Warmest, Siri

I love this class

Written by Kiyana on 28th Aug 2018

This course made me well prepared to continue my own steaming as well as offer this service to my clients. There is a wealth of information in both the course materials and comments. Best class EVER!!!Thank you Kelli


Written by Kiyana Wainwright on 28th Aug 2018

I am so glad I found this course and v-steaming.

So Gratifying

Written by Jocelyn on 27th Aug 2018

This course is a great resource for current and future steamers. I feel very well prepared to continue my own steaming and to invite all of my sisters, friends and community to reap the benefits of steaming as well. There is a wealth of information embedded in both the course materials and comments. I suggest reading through them. Thank you Kelli and Steamy Chick

Loved the course

Written by Reva on 25th Aug 2018

Fast, easy and informative! I can't wait to start offering this service in my community.

Great course!

Written by A on 24th Aug 2018

This is a wonderful course! If you're interested in doing steaming yourself or offering it to clients, this is absolutely the place to begin!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Review

Written by Travae Warren on 22nd Aug 2018

This course is AMAZING ! Keli is very helpful, and if you have any questions or concerns she answers/fixes them asap ! You really learn in detail how to become a vaginal steam facilitator. I would recommend this course to any one interested !

i'm a Steamy chick

Written by Tamika Dillon on 21st Aug 2018

the course was very interesting and fun. thanks for answering all my phone calls lol. big ups for that. i'm a massage therapist, colonic practitioner, lymphologist. this a a great add on to my services.

Thank you Keli!

Written by Erika Best on 21st Aug 2018

This course has been an eye opener! I am ready and equipped with the knowledge and power of yoni steaming and feel able to share it with all women. I personally love how Keli really empowers you as a practitioner to share this medicine and build your own business. I highly recommend if you are looking to offer an alternative treatment to your practice that has a profound impact on women's vaginal health. Power to the yoni!

I love Steamy Chick!!

Written by Shantavia Davis on 20th Aug 2018

Keli is a genius! The website & course are both so user friendly and the visual lectures are amazing! Keli & her team are easily accessible and always give clear information or advice. Keli's energy is so warm and inviting, she makes learning about this heaven sent practice all the more interesting. I recommend this course & Keli's herbal blends to any aspiring V-Steam Practitioner!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Valanese on 20th Aug 2018

The course was amazing and very informative. I am so glad that I chose Steamy Chick to take my course!!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course Review

Written by TLove on 20th Aug 2018

This course was great! So informative, and I really appreciate the quick responsiveness to questions asked via the comments section. The homework assignments were very helpful, and I now feel well prepared to guide my clients in vaginal steaming.

Well worth it!

Written by Monet Williams on 19th Aug 2018

This course was well worth the money! Tons of information and you don't loose access to the lectures after you have completed them. I'm so grateful to be able to go back and review if I have a question about what I previously learned.

Excellent Product

Written by Timekia on 19th Aug 2018

I'm thankful for having attended the course

Awesome class

Written by Denika Fortner on 12th Aug 2018

This class is great. I really enjoyed taking it. The material in this course is amazing and very easy to understand. I also appreciate how Keli focuses on safety throughout the course. I can't wait to take more classes.

V Steam Course

Written by Katie Skintuition on 9th Aug 2018

I really enjoyed the whole course. It was organized and really easy to follow along. Definitely worth the price. I can't believe how much I learned about our girlie parts and I so appreciate it. We are planning on adding the V steam to our Holistic Spa that already does so many alternative and detoxing treatments. I didn't know this type of treatment even existed and I'm so grateful to Keli for not only the education but for having the supplies. The herbs are fantastic. So thank you Steamy chick for the support and course. We can't wait to help so many more women one steam at a time...

Great info

Written by Anonymous on 30th Jul 2018

This course offers a lot of great info to be a safe- and I do believe effective- facilitator of v-steaming. The course is pretty easy to navigate and user-friendly, and it's definitely inspiring to be learning from Keli who has done so much to not only research but raise awareness about this amazing and ancient practice. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Keli, and for her generous sharing of her knowledge!

Well worth the price

Written by Kas on 28th Jul 2018

Teacher and Staff are very responsive to questions and concerns. More of a community of like minds receiving phenomenal information. I appreciated the information received and reviewed in this course and plan on completing many more.

Facilitator Course

Written by La Soule on 26th Jul 2018

I am glad that this course found me. I was already prepared to offer steaming services, but there were things that I was not aware of that I learned from taking this certification. I would DEFINITELY recommend being educated from an expert before steaming and offering it to others. I appreciated the quick responses to my inquiries and I like that she taught through videos as I am a visual and auditory learner.

Facilitator Course

Written by La Soule on 26th Jul 2018

I am glad that this course found me. I was already prepared to offer steaming services, but there were things that I was not aware of that I learned from taking this certification. I would DEFINITELY recommend being educated from an expert before steaming and offering it to others. I appreciated the quick responses to my inquiries and I like that she taught through videos as I am a visual and auditory learner.

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Natalie Weigel on 25th Jul 2018

I am so excited that I am now able to help other women through the power of vaginal steaming! This course was clear and concise, I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to add to their resume of healing! After trying it out for myself I felt compelled to learn more so I can spread awareness! Thank you Kelli for providing such a fun course! I can't wait to continue my education through Steamy Chick! XOXO

Great Course!

Written by Reem on 23rd Jul 2018

This course was very informative and helpful. I am so ready to start facilitating vaginal steams for women! My only issue was that some of the videos were hard to hear, I appreciated the natural setting but it made it VERY hard to hear. I know Kelli is working on it and I think once it's done this course will be perfect!

Truly empowering!

Written by Princesa Vitela on 21st Jul 2018

I highly recommend this to anyone who is in search of deep womb healing. For those who struggle with any kind of gynecological issue or those who want to help women who are having these issues. Kelly does such an amazing job at explaining how steaming can assist with these issues. I am always so captivated when she is speaking. She is so thorough and precise with all this incredible information and study guides she includes in each lesson to help retain the newly learned information. Personally I am so blessed to learn from such an incredible passionate woman. I love you Kelly and all that you do!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Written by Monique Watson on 21st Jul 2018

I really enjoyed taking this course! This course makes me look at my yoni in a whole new light. I know understand how powerful my yoni is and it is important that I keep her in her power. I am so excited that to share this practice with other women so that they know how powerful they are. I highly recommend this course to other women.

I really enjoyed

Written by Monierica Thomas on 19th Jul 2018

This course was very easy and understandable for me. Not only that it was convenient and keli was awesome with the break down of everything!

Great Course

Written by Maria Kowalski on 19th Jul 2018

I feel like I finally found a big network of sisters who have the same calling!! Kelly Garza is very professional and generous in her sharings! I will continue to study with her to further develop myself in the Yoniverse of Vaginal Steaming!! Keep it up and thank you for all do the wonderful and meaningful work you are doing!!


Written by Ummalkhayri Abdala on 19th Jul 2018

Keli you are phenomenal, I am beyond happy to have came across your website, the team and to be able to take the level 1 course, this has always been a dream, and to have this opportunity is great, can’t wait to see what is about to unfold. Keep going and excited for the next courses. I wish youthe very best and although Thank You is not enough Thank You Thank You And Thank You!!!

Amazing course

Written by Mariah GRAY on 17th Jul 2018

This course was amazing and easy I learned more about safety. Most don’t teach safety so I am thankful for that.

Facilitator Course Review

Written by Jessica Schappell on 17th Jul 2018

I loved the course! I found it to be extremely helpful and informative. I think Keli Garza has done a spectacular job of creating a course that covers everything there is to know about steaming! I will definitely be taking more of the courses that she has to offer and referring her courses to others as well!

Great information

Written by Becki on 17th Jul 2018

I am a practicing Arvigo Abdominal Therapist and have offered steams in my office to my existing clientele in the past. After completing this course I feel fully confident in expanding my steaming services to all women in my community. Thanks!

Very Informative

Written by Tam on 17th Jul 2018

The course was very informative and easy to get through. I learned so much about the benefits and side effects of vag steaming. With the new knowledge on how to properly do a Vag steam session and assess clients...I am confident to be of assistance to those in my community!

life changing

Written by monse verjel on 15th Jul 2018

learning about this subject has awakened so much. from the way i look at herbs to the way i now feel/know how sacred our yonis are. for years i tried to get pregnant and it never happened and for years i felt lost because i thought i would never be blessed with that honor... today i do not have children still but i now know how to honor that and love that fact that i dont because i know that i am not ready... what this course has done though is give me tools (physical and spiritual) that gave me faith in my ability to create not just another life but by tapping into the energies that recide in the uterus and bringing that to ther wombmen is becoming a big beautiful part of my personal (healing) journey that when eventually leads me to motherhood will make it that much more deep rooted and divine. thank you keli from my grandma who always says "what good work i am getting into" and myself <3

Love! Love! Love!

Written by Tracy Johnson on 12th Jul 2018

I really feel confident about steaming after taking this course.The material is very thorough and I'm glad that I chose to take this course with Steamy Chic.

Trained by the best!!!

Written by Elaine on 9th Jul 2018

Keli and her team are amazingly amazing!!!! I can't believe how much I have learned in this course. Extremely thorough and organized. A beautiful beginning!!! Watch out for this Future Peristeam Hydrotherapist . And to think I was only coming to learn for myself. Such an honor. Stop hesitating, Please do yourself this favor.

Yoni Steam Course

Written by Africa Barnhill on 9th Jul 2018

This course is very informative, and I love the depth of the information tat you share and how much you stress the contraindications. Thank you for being so thorough. I loved it and I will definitely recommend it to other people that are interested.

Facilitator Course

Written by Tiah Kuniken on 7th Jul 2018

Thank you Keli for putting together such an informative course. I'm looking forward to taking the next course to be able to add to my tool box of healing.

Overwhelmed with excitement

Written by Kelsea Green on 7th Jul 2018

I loved this course! It is jammed packed with information. Literally craving to learn more and can not wait. Thank you Keli for pouring into this course so freely!!

Empowering, Well Organized and Inspiring

Written by Rahi Chun on 6th Jul 2018

The course is thorough and well-organized, empowering anyone who wants to be informed and inspired by the natural healing affects of Vaginal steaming to know the whats, whys and hows about this long-held wisdom and practice for the modern age. The course is sequentially organized to build on each lesson and guides us to review what we've just learned in order to own it and know it from our own experiences. Every possible angle to start your own business or practice is covered and the support provided by Kelli and her staff are outstanding. I am very grateful for this knowledge, support and wisdom.


Written by Maria Ramirez on 6th Jul 2018

Loved this course I feel like I learned so much I can’t wait finally share what I’ve learned with others!

Informative & Inspiring

Written by Elizabeth Hoffmann on 6th Jul 2018

Keli's course on vaginal steaming facilitation is full of information that is incredibly useful. I was excited about learning for myself and for others. I feel the step by step videos were encapsulating and the many ways to quiz yourself before taking the final exam instilled me with confidence that I understood the subject completely. Now I am going to enjoy sharing this sacred practice with other women!

My Experience with Steamy Chick

Written by Nika (The Vaguru) Samples on 5th Jul 2018

Keli is the Queen of Steam! I love her choice to share her personal experience with Vaginal Steaming with all of us unknowing women. Learning about myself and other women from Keli is the most interesting part about my life! I have found my calling, honestly. I am able to serve and I’m doing something to save lives while enriching my own. I love the independent way Keli started her empire and I admire her focus and determination. The course was user friendly, easily understood, and the lectures were clear communicated effectively. The repetition of the lectures and the course work allowed me to retain the information and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in Steaming. Keli has paved the way. This is it! I am continuing my journey with SC by taking each course consecutively until I have completed them all. My goal is to be a Peristeam Hydrotherapist by this time next year! Thank you Kelz

Future Facilitator

Written by Juanita Lindsey on 5th Jul 2018

I was very excited about this course and it was packed with so much beneficial information in order to get started. I feel as though this course could not have explained it better. I am looking forward to taking more future courses to advance my knowledge for vaginal steaming.

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Angie Thompson on 5th Jul 2018

I LOVE IT!!!! It was super easy to follow and I learned so much more about my body then I knew at 45yrs old. I can't wait to educate other women on this subject. Thanks Keli Garza!!! U ROCK!!!

So excited to finish courses!

Written by Jasmine Petty on 4th Jul 2018

I'm loving Kelly's courses for vaginal steam facilitation. The classes are very interesting. I attended a hands on class out of state with another educator, and I was left feeling like there were still things I lacked in knowledge in order to be able to administer steaming to clients. I've literally learned above and beyond more than I even realized I needed to be able to move forward. Kelly is an awesome educator, and I now feel like I have the confidence that I needed to start my business.

Five Star Review for Steamy Chick

Written by Bella Lauren on 2nd Jul 2018

I am so thankful that I have found Steamy Chick, Keli and this course. She is very knowledgable and through in her teaching style. She has done a phenomenal job at bringing this ancient healing system back to the modern world so women today can learn and benefit from vaginal steaming. We live in a time where we can not rely on the broke medical system, so it is timely that Keli has founded this course and her company to support the resurgence of these healing ways and empower women everywhere to heal themselves and share with their sisters. Thank You Keli. You are a modern trail blazer for Steaming! With Love and Gratitude. Bella

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Shadae Bowen on 2nd Jul 2018

Keli is awesome! I have been practicing vaginal steaming and selling my own blends for a few years. Discovering Steamy Chick and taking Keli’s course has added so much knowledge and practical wisdom to my steaming practice and business. I am looking forward to seeing the way this information and my newfound motivation will enhance my business.

Vaginal Steam Certification Course

Written by Naima Bond on 2nd Jul 2018

This course was so good and pack filled with information. Of course I have been on you tube and saw many women steaming. They never mentioned the contraindications for steaming, and I am so glad to have that knowledge! I am a doula and I wanted some natural ways to support women after they have their babies. I feel confident in steaming other people and I am ready to take more classes.

Feeling Confident and Grounded

Written by Erlinda Carter on 28th Jun 2018

What a great course! It set me on a path feeling confident and successful in not only taking care of others but also a great reminder to take care of myself!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Amber on 26th Jun 2018

This course was well presented and painless with a lot of good material, I'm so excited about all I've learned in this beginning course and can't wait to gain more knowledge and advance down this journey further! Thank you.

Yoni Steam

Written by GMorgan on 26th Jun 2018

The information, study guides, protocols and business help were all very beneficial for a yoni steam practice. Thank You!

Awesome Course

Written by Misty Williams on 25th Jun 2018

I loved the course! Prior, to starting I had so many questions about the practice. Keli, was a great instructor I learned so much and this allowed me to feel confident in my journey to steam and heal others.

Loved this course!!!!

Written by Justina Jackson on 20th Jun 2018

Thank you Mrs Keli for all the great info you applied to this course!!! I loved it, and can’t wait to start offering this service to my area in Martin TN!!! Thank you

New Obsession!

Written by BC on 20th Jun 2018

This course provides great information, very detailed and simple. It was easy to understand and follow through. Keli does provide you with everything you need to know and more. I can't wait to learn more.


Written by Leslie Malary on 12th Jun 2018

This Course has literally been a DREAM COME TRUE!! I've lived wanting to care for myself and women in the most authentic, original, old to new traditional way and Keli was able to Bless Me with this course. I am forever grateful. I have learned so much with such useful information that I truly cannot contain my excitement to venture in the world of health and healing naturally. Thank You Keli, you are and Angel.

Steaming Course

Written by Antoinette Davis on 10th Jun 2018

This course was nothing short of AMAZING!


Written by Kestrel Gates on 9th Jun 2018

Keli is sharing such important information and has set up the course in a way that makes learning it easy. I highly recommend this course!!

Best Online Course EVER!!

Written by Juanita on 4th Jun 2018

Just finished with my course at my own pace! Very informative and easy to follow. I have taken various other online courses before but this course tops them all, well worth my money! Happy to be moving on the pp steaming.

Loved it.

Written by anonymous on 1st Jun 2018

awesome course

Blessed for Steamy Chick

Written by Zytia Simmons on 1st Jun 2018

Im grateful for the giving spirit of Kelli to release this course, making it convenient, affordable and flexible. Prior to taking this course with steamy chick, I was close to losing over 2,000.00 to a woman offering the same course. Coming across steamy chick I realized that some women are in the business completely for financial gain, with no care about ripping off women. Steamy chick is a fair brand dedicated to ensuring women have a fair opportunity to learn material and share with others. I'm blessed to had have came across this course.

Very informative and practical course

Written by July on 31st May 2018

I really enjoy the way Keli set up the course and her teaching. Things are very easy to understan and she also provides very clear path for further training under different focuses. I highly recommend it for professional women care providers and anyone who would like to know more about vaginal care.


Written by denise washington on 29th May 2018

5 Stars plus 20!!!!!! Great course, great teacher. I have learned so much in this course. I feel so prepared and full of knowledge. Thank you so much.

A game changer!

Written by ThaooAishat Hasati on 24th May 2018

Taking this course was such a game changer for me. I was already sold on vaginal steaming and it’s benefits, but the detailed knowledge that Keli shares in this course in so valuable and necessary. It’s broken down to a science and you can see the love and effort that has been put into it.

Course review

Written by Kaelyn Crenshaw on 21st May 2018

This was such a great course! I would definietly want others to take it


Written by Bella Lauren on 18th May 2018

Loved this course. Very though and well done! Thank you Keli!

Fantastic Information!

Written by Becky on 17th May 2018

This course was detailed, straight-forward, and filled with important information. More than that though, it was empowering. I wanted to keep learning more after each section and felt my momentum building. It was great to watch the videos and everything felt very genuine about this work and this instructor! I'm so grateful to have found Steamy Chick and all of your resources!!

My review

Written by Zsazel on 17th May 2018

This course was amazing. Very informative, which made the course easy to understand. I learned a lot of things I didnt know of. I’m so glad i choice Keli!!!!


Written by Akua Kwayana on 15th May 2018

I enjoyed this course very much. Keli goes into detail about everything you'd need to know in order to do a vaginal steam! highly recommended even if you aren't trying to be a facilitator but just for your own knowledge.

Awesome Class!!!

Written by Courtney on 15th May 2018

This class was so exciting! I learned so much from the courses! It was so informative, and well put together! I’d recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a part of the Yoni World!

This course is for you!

Written by Heidi Long on 14th May 2018

This course was a great tool for addressing specific questions I had about steaming with clients of my own. Now I know the appropriate questions to ask and sensitivities to look out for before proceeding with a potential client.

Why didnt I know this before!

Written by Heather Benton on 10th May 2018

I feel so blessed that I found this way of life. I can't wait to share with my community. I have learned so much beyond what I ever understood about being a woman. Now I can perpetuate this knowledge for my daughter and then some!!! Mahalo nui Keli!

Excellent Course!

Written by Kristine Roy on 4th May 2018

I learned so much and am looking forward to taking the other courses!

Love this course

Written by JThomas on 3rd May 2018

Great course to take! Very informative. I definetly recommend.

Loved this course!

Written by Kimberly Vearnon on 3rd May 2018

Vaginal steaming has changed my life and I want to learn as much about the practice as I can. The lectures are straightforward and very clear. After taking the course I am confident I can safely give vaginal steam sessions to clients and that they will want to return for more.

Wonderful Course

Written by Ananda De Martini on 28th Apr 2018

This was a great course in learning the fundamentals of peristeaming. Keli was both direct and inspiring. I feel the information is adequate and I feel prepared to help the women around me. Thank you Keli!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Adenike on 28th Apr 2018

Great course! I am now familiar with the various cycles women have and the process of healing myself and others. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to take the next course.

Empowering and love

Written by Kendra jones on 26th Apr 2018

This Course is very informative empowering and straight to the point. Easy to navigate I recommend it for any person who wants to get in this holistic practice or even just wellness for self as a woman. Super excited to take more courses !

Loved it!

Written by Lauren on 25th Apr 2018

I loved the vaginal steaming facilitator course! It was very informative and I feel very confident helping myself and other women start using vaginal steaming to assist them on their healing journey. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know this incredible, sacred wisdom.


Written by Ciara on 14th Apr 2018

The course was very informational! I can't wait to continue on with the rest of the courses and complete the Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification.

Course Was Amazing

Written by Mesha Russell on 14th Apr 2018

This course was nothing short of amazing. I learned so much and feel comfortable enough to start steaming others. Keli was very informative with the information provided.

Loved it!

Written by Satara Arthaud on 12th Apr 2018

Really informational! Will be steaming for life and can't wait to help others.

The while course is amazing

Written by Natasha Torrecillas on 8th Apr 2018

Keli has been supportive the whole way.

Tons of great info!

Written by Zhaleh on 5th Apr 2018

I've been steaming for just under 12 years but I began steaming with Keli 2 years ago. I learned more in those 2 years than in the decade before, but this course was like a feast for my nerdy brain. I knew some of the basics based on my own issues but it is so enlightening to learn of the many ways our bodies can communicate a need or an imbalance to us. It was equally as enlightening to learn some fundamental ways to carefully and mindfully rebalance our bodies! I can't wait to take the next course. Thank you, Steamy Chick!

Love it..

Written by Suehaylee Soto on 4th Apr 2018

I have learned so much and looking forward to continue to take other courses.

Facilitator Course

Written by Trenashia "nae" Jones on 28th Mar 2018

I absolutely loved this course!!! The lectures are simple and clear but yet specific. I loved that Keli taught outdoors in such a peaceful and beautiful place which made me feel like I was right there relaxing with her. The exam was a little tricky but i appreciate the clever scenarios given to determine how you would properly set up for yourself or a client. The questions surely keep you on your toes to ensure that you understand and meet specific needs of each client.

Enlightening and Very Informative!

Written by Unique on 26th Mar 2018

SO GLAD I decided to take this course! I learned so much about vaginal steaming but most importantly, I learned the various cycle's that women have. Keli has definitely weaved all of her experiences with working with numerous women into this course. I highly recommend all woman and health care practitioners to take this course to support themselves and their clients/patients. Looking forward to continued learning in my near future with Keli and her partners! Blessings...

I Loved the Course!

Written by Sam Welton on 26th Mar 2018

I really loved taking the course. Keli way of teaching was easy to follow yet very enlightening and informative. I have been Vaginal steaming for some years now, and how I was taught one steam fits all. well, with Keli's teaching that is simple not the case. She is thorough and clear and determined for you to get the information. definitely would recommend it.

Excellent course

Written by Mariah G on 25th Mar 2018

This course is perfect! I learned everything I didn’t know and felt like I needed to know at my own pace and at a great price. I am thankful to have found the steamy chick and can’t wait to expand my learning with her other courses!

Vagina Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Rahshenia Walker on 23rd Mar 2018

This course was very informative and extremely helpful for those interested in doing vaginal steaming for themselves and others. I would most certainly recommend this course. I will be taking some of the other courses offered as well!

Grateful for Wise Womb Healing

Written by Pam Guldi on 21st Mar 2018

Although I've been steaming for several years this course gave me more insight to contra-indications, sensitivities, length of steams, etc. I'm grateful for Keli's experience and making this information easily accessible to all women. As a health care provider I feel there are a few areas in the course that would benefit from further research and accuracy.


Written by Britt on 12th Mar 2018

Loved the course, and feel every woman can benefit from this level one for their own self care.

Kelli is amazing

Written by Nissany on 10th Mar 2018

You will learn so much to begin Reconnecting with our foremothers Practices and naturally caring For ourselves.

Vaginal Facilitator course

Written by Renee Mc on 10th Mar 2018

Very informative, I learned more steps and things that should be considered prior to steaming. Its always great taking these classes with Keli. The business portion was very helpful and will get me started in the right direction.

Great course!

Written by Meredith on 9th Mar 2018

Such an important offering for women. I'm excited to be able to facilitate this and help women. I really enjoyed the course.

Life Changing - Exactly What I Was Looking For!

Written by Sabrina E on 9th Mar 2018

For so long, I was in search of a way that I could help myself and other women heal. Something that would help women feel empowered and connected to themselves, and Keli has given me the opportunity to do so with this class! I am ever so grateful. My Mom and I both completed the class and had a great experience.

I enjoyed.

Written by Yasmin Mohamud on 9th Mar 2018

I have learned so much and the way she explained so calmly was very helpful for me . Thank you so very much!!

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Course

Written by Jessi Klopp on 9th Mar 2018

Such a great course! I was very impressed with the website for the course, the layout, the videos, and the study guides. I wish my online classes for college were that well laid out! Thanks Keli!!!

Very Informative

Written by Teresa Harris on 8th Mar 2018

I enjoyed the information presented in this course and feel more confident heading into the industry. I have been steaming for a year but did not know the contraindications (luckily I haven't harmed anyone or myself!), and that there is a such thing as a sensitive user. I have been doing mild steams all this time because I didn't know there was another way, so that was also enlightening. I will certainly be continuing on to other Steamy Chick courses to learn more. I am inspired by your passion and I am grateful for your works. What you have started with Steamy Chick is a natural gynecology revolution! I am happy to have joined you in this march and I can't wait to see what the future of steaming holds :-)

Review of the course

Written by Kimberly Stumpf on 7th Mar 2018

This is a really well thought out and written course. Love that you have the videos and a format for questions. Would highly recommend!

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Yvonne on 3rd Mar 2018

Yesss! What a great course! Well put together, straightforward and easy to follow. Thank you Keli for bringing this important information to all of us. I am definitely interested in taking it further!!

Well worth the money

Written by Ali Pinion on 28th Feb 2018

This was such a great course, and I learned so much great information. I did not realize there was so many levels to steaming. Thank you so much for making this information easily accessible!

Re: Vagina Steam course

Written by Brittany Walker on 24th Feb 2018

I didn't think I would be able to sit still so long to finish the assignment. The way Keli taught the class was so fun, interactive and educational that I sat still the entire time. I took good notes to refer back to. I didn't even have to study before I took the practice test since. I was very confident in taking this exam. The real life situations on the exam made you think which I liked. I only missed one on my first try out of all the questions. I feel so knowledgeable knowing I can talk to a client about vsteam in detail now. You took care of all of my questions. Thank you so much

Excellent Course

Written by Aneisha Muhammad on 22nd Feb 2018

The Steamy Chicks Facilitators Course has been a true blessing to me. I was wondering where life would take me a month ago when I left my job and now it is the life of a yoni steam practitioner. I am excited to see the unfolding of a wonderful career of healing for me. Steaming has helped me not just physically but also emotionally!

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Lola Onilenla on 21st Feb 2018

Completed the course in one sitting. I truly enjoyed it. Thought I would have to come back and finish, however the format and "notes" section was easy to follow. THANK YOU! I can't wait to provide the yoni steam services.


Written by Adrienne on 20th Feb 2018

Really great! I learned a lot of aspects in facilitating a yoni steam and giving a beginners consultation in a safe way. A great start to the yoni steam journey!


Written by Lara on 19th Feb 2018

My wellness White Fairy center got a whole lot better when doing this course and others. I realy want to share your knowledge and wisdom and HELP women with their problems. I learned a lot!

Yoni YES!

Written by Fabienne on 18th Feb 2018

Keli has blown me away with extensive knowledge of the history of Yoni steaming. The course is so easy to follow and understand. I am an herbalist and doula. I am so excited to bring this healing to my clients and know that it works and they will feel and see results


Written by Xamira Zuloaga on 18th Feb 2018

This is a good introduction to safe application of the technique if you have no background on it. I loved the format that makes it easy to go through for those that have very little time for their own projects. Also the way Keli talks makes it very easy to asimilate. Probably the major thing of this course is to give a perspective of a 'safe way' on vaginal steaming. It might be interesting though to have this course with a deeper analysis on some subjects like: alternative postures and display for your steam, or the water we use and the materials to make a safe steam station. And I would have loved to have some more information about herbs, cause even if there's an entire training around them, it feels dangerous to jump to them without any knowledge ahead taking this training.


Written by Melanie Smith on 18th Feb 2018

This course was very informative and set a great foundation for vaginal steaming safety. I learned important details about the safety and efficacy of steaming(i was doing a few things wrong) After heeding the knowledge from the course I am practicing steaming in a way that is better for my body. I highly recommend this course. Thanks, Keli!

loved it !! vaginal steaming is all i dream of

Written by Jasmin on 18th Feb 2018

since i started this class , i kept getting blown away by how beautiful and sacred this art is !! its a must go to lessons ! thank you kelly loved it


Written by Nicole Sessions on 14th Feb 2018

Vaginal Steam Safety is a great foundational course. The basics are explained clearly and you're left with a strong knowledge of where to begin when it comes to steaming. I love Keli's approach, style and personality. She makes talking about cycles even more fun!

Thank you Keli!

Written by Zuleyka Castro on 13th Feb 2018

This course really is very informarive and goes right to the point when it comes to vaginal steaming. Ive been steaming for about four years but now i have absolute confidence and knowledge when it comes to safety. Its very clear and beautifully shared. Thanks alot Keli! You rock!!

Course Review

Written by Carol Hayes on 13th Feb 2018

I absolutely loved this course on vaginal steam safety! It was so clear and easy to follow - and so informative! I learned so much and feel so much more confident now when I recommend a steam to my clients. Thank you Keli!


Written by Kathleen on 13th Feb 2018

What a beautiful, informative course! Thanks Keli!


Written by juli on 13th Feb 2018

This extra guidance is wonderful. It gives me more body and security to what I am already doing

Great course

Written by Sama Morningstar on 12th Feb 2018

So good to learn all of tbis valuable information. Thank you

course review

Written by zaire on 12th Feb 2018

filled in alot of gaps. great course!

vaginal steam safety course

Written by Anna on 9th Feb 2018

Great course, definitively helped me feel confident working with my clients!


Written by Sabrina Vedete - Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam on 7th Feb 2018

As a yoni steam practitioner I am already familiar with Kelli's work. Her yoni steam protocols work and I have had amazing success with several clients seeking healing using her research. It was only a matter of time before I chose to deepen my knowledge with her courses. I am excited to continue my learning with the next certification!


Written by Jihan James on 1st Feb 2018

I enjoyed this course. The information was very helpful.

I feel so much more knowledgeable...

Written by Aneesah Parker on 28th Jan 2018

This course was great! I feel so much more knowledgeable since completing it. I'm a sponge and just love to soak up information. Keli has made this course easy and straight to the point. I am in love with vaginal steaming and all of the benefits if provides for women so this has just helped me get one step closer to perfecting my craft in my own business. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that may be considering a vaginal steam business. Special Thanks to you Keli for leading the way for us vaginal steam practitioners!

Amazing course

Written by Tyra on 22nd Jan 2018

I really enjoyed learning how to do the proper vaginal steam set up for the individual needs of my client. This course was very informative and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in doing steams. Excellent course! Tyra

Vaginal Steaming Pre course work

Written by Leshandra Armour on 21st Jan 2018

Keli thank you so much for this course , there was so much great information that I️ learned that I️ wish I️ would have known before having to get an hysterectomy last year so now I️ Am on a quest to share these with other women by offering this service through my business that I️ created due to my experiences. I️ feel like I have gained the knowledge I️ need to help other women make a different choice that can heal them.

Steam Therapist Certification

Written by Nikia on 18th Jan 2018

I've been researching vaginal steaming for a few years now, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of ''new'' information covered in the safety course. I feel well informed and more confident to assist other women.

Saved my Life!!!!!!

Written by Veronica Davis on 17th Jan 2018

I loved the course and feel it was very informative in its content but also easy to comprehend for long term knowledge. I was interested in the course for my personal reasons of herbal steaming for issues I experienced with my womb and after reviewing the course and experiencing the vaginal steam with suggested herbs it has literally saved my life. every woman needs to be aware of this powerful information. I have now even started my quest in offering these services in my own spa because the benefits and information is life changing and a MUST have for all women!!!


Written by Amy on 16th Jan 2018

Thank you Keli for putting together such detailed information about vaginal steaming. I had been practicing steaming on my own and had indeed run into some of the complications discussed in the course. I now have a far greater understanding of how to help clients and myself benefit from this powerful therapy. This course is easy to digest and gives one confidence that they can employee steaming with health promoting results.

Great Course, Recommend before starting your steam practice

Written by Lauren on 10th Jan 2018

I learned SO much in this course. Whether you are going to be steaming personally or proving steams for clients, you should definitely take this course. You will learn so much more than if you just buy the herbs and go for it. The information is really important and not knowing could adversely affect the steamer if you aren't setting up correctly.

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Paris A'jana on 2nd Jan 2018

The Vaginal Steam Safety Course was very informative, empowering, with easy-to-follow lectures. I highly recommend this course for all women worldwide.


Written by Sekayi on 2nd Jan 2018

I had been searching for someplace to learn about steaming and kept hitting walls. They were either way too expensive or just didn't "feel" right for what I wanted to learn/do. Once I found Steamy Chick and went through he entire website I knew...I wanted to learn from Keli—she has such a warm, easy and loving energy about her. The course itself was even more than I could have expected. The video lecture format was great! I appreciate Keli for all of her hard work and research to full together these lectures and herbal formulas. Blessings to her and all of the women I may be able to help because of her lessons. Love and light.


Written by Teresa on 26th Dec 2017

I've been wanting to bring this service into my massage studio for some time, however I was very apprehensive about doing this without some basic knowledge and safety fundamentals. This course was perfect to guide me into starting this process. Thank you.

Vaginal steam safety course

Written by Emily Rivers on 22nd Dec 2017

This course is a brilliant starting off point for a solid foundation of safety and responsibility. I have appreciated this practice for quite some time and have been wanting to offer it to women professionally but didn't feel I could do so responsibly without more knowledge. I had been looking for courses for quite some time and this one was the most affordable and accessible to me. I appreciate Keli's thoroughness and clarity. This is all around a feet course and I have enjoyed the interactive format of course craft . I'm very excited to put this knowledge to good use.

I Truly Enjoyed this course

Written by Merinet MaakHeru on 20th Dec 2017

I truly enjoyed this course. I way Keli breaks everything down to you makes so much sense and I now understand why this course is essential.

Vaginal Steam Therapist Course Review

Written by Isoke Edwards on 19th Dec 2017

This course is excellent !!!! The information is easy to receive and digest. It brings clarity and confidence to anyone getting into a steam practice at home or to service others. The safety form is super necessary and amazing moving forward with my consultation and implementing steam practice. Thank you !!! I can't wait to complete all the other courses!!!


Written by Natasha on 17th Dec 2017

I learned a lot and I'll keep taking classes ☺

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Anaya V. on 15th Dec 2017

I'm beyond grateful that such content has been created and that I decided to take this course before starting both my personal and professional vaginal steaming journey. This course confirmed things that I already knew and also taught me lots that I didn't know about the vaginal steaming practice. It's loaded with necessary & useful knowledge, it's clear & very straight forward, and contains easy to follow instructions. I also found this course very interesting and was left wanting more. Keli is an amazing teacher ! I'm already all signed up for all of the courses that's presently available and I cannot wait to begin sharing this amazing medicine with others !


Written by MH on 10th Dec 2017

I have really enjoyed this course. Kelli presents the material in an easy to learn format. Hope to change my piece of the world with this knowledge.

Knowledge with a beautiful ripple effect!

Written by Aishat Hasati on 9th Dec 2017

I truly enjoyed taking this course. Keli has created something truly great here. Her knowledge of steaming through her experiences and research are shown in how she presents the information. I appreciate all of her hard work and how she has refined the course over time. It is clear and easy to take in. I know many will benefit from this. Whether its through taking the curse themselves or from people who have received this knowledge and choose to pass the wealth and help others.

Great Course!

Written by Jaime Conneely on 26th Nov 2017

This course was so interesting and easy to follow. I love the interactive platform! Keli is amazing and so easy to connect with. You can feel her passion radiate. I cant wait to register for the advanced offerings.


Written by Keisha on 25th Nov 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It confirmed a lot for me and am now looking forward to gaining more insight and implementing,eating all that I have learned. Next up, advanced courses~. So excited!!!!! Thank you

Great information

Written by Crystal N Courtney on 18th Nov 2017

I just completed the Vaginal Steam Safety course with Steamy Chick. I'm excited to have this powerful holistic therapy as another treatment for woman to heal themselves through steaming. I'm planing to take the advance class to help other and pass this information on. Thank you for impowing us to help ourselves and others stay healthy, this is what it's all about. Each one teach one.

Vaginal Steam Safety

Written by Nicole on 8th Nov 2017

I learned a lot from the vaginal steam course. In this course you will learn about Contraindications, the differences between Advance and Mild Steaming. Great information to have to own a successful V Steam business or steam yourself correctly.

Safety and contraIndications

Written by Mosa on 6th Nov 2017

This course was very informative, i learnt a lot. It gave me a sense of comfort as a new steam chick that will pass on correct information and give proper treatment to clients. Thank you Keli for this opportunity, im forever grateful. I found the course straight forward and easy to follow.

Every woman should do this!

Written by Hannah Freeman on 5th Nov 2017

I so appreciate the years and dedication Kelli has put into her work and courses. I have been steaming for years, I learned so many new things and LOVE her products. The steaming box is really great and my clients are loving it, as am I. If you’re looking for support for yourself or starting a business this is a really incredible resource. Cheers to steaming and taking care of our bodies!

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Anissa on 24th Oct 2017

This is a good course to take to learn the basics of steaming. The video and information was very informative.

Logical and clear

Written by Andrea Takacs-Carvalho on 23rd Jul 2017

This course is well structured, the information is clearly explained, the content is extremely interesting and relevant to all women. And in addition to all of that Steamy Chick's herb blends are an amazing development of vaginal steaming practices, allowing different conditions to be properly treated. Keli is a revolutionary of traditions!

E-Course 100: Vaginal Steam Basics

Written by Natasha Foreman on 17th Jul 2017

Simple and easy to follow instructions...the assignment at the end just left me wanting more knowledge for individualizing treatments in my wellness center. Excited to begin E-Course 200!! Thank you, Keli, for making it your mission to not only acquire this necessary knowledge but to also share it. Much love to you for being the guiding light that you are!

course 100

Written by monse verjel on 10th Jun 2017

thank you so much for this information Keli. i've learned a lot and gained more confidence in engaging more women in conversation about this topic. also, this course although short and to the point it solidified that i want to continue learning about this practice so i will be seeing you in course 200 soon <3


Written by Autumn miller on 13th May 2017

This was awesome and didn't break my pockets. I picked up new material that I did hear from other instructors. Keep up the good work!!

Vaginal steaming 101

Written by Dion on 13th May 2017

I just completed V-steam 101 and I must say that hands down that Keli is an awesome, way down to earth teacher! She knows her stuff and has flawlessly designed this course to introduce women to a wonderful world of self care through steaming the vagina. If you are unsure or even the least bit curious about vaginal steaming, TAKE THE COURSE! You will walk away with a feeling empowerment that will leave you forever changed for the better! Thanks Keli!

healing to the next level :)

Written by iesja on 22nd Feb 2017

This course takes you to the next level of healing yourself and/or your customers. Understanding the way steam actually works within your body and how you can use it for different purposes makes the whole experience much more powerful. Also it is very nice to share online with your steam healing sisters about the knowledge and experiences that you gain throughout this course. Moreover, the course is easy to combine with other activities, but you do have to make the effort to go out and do it. Go and buy herbs, go and do the exercises. For me this has really been joyfull and didn't feel like studying all too much. Last but not least, if you are already a therapist and want to add this to your skills, you should definitely do it. In my experiences the treatment of steaming helps to reinforce benefits and insights gained with other therapies... Ok, go and do it now :)!!

Keli is AWESOME!!!

Written by Khristina Skalla on 21st Feb 2017

I had such a great time taking Kelli's course in steaming. I learned so much. The information is invaluable. I'd highly suggest taking the course if you want to help other women or if you just want a better understanding of the benefits of steaming. Such good stuff here!!! xo