Vaginal Steam World Map

The following map was compiled by the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. It shows places where the historical or present use of vaginal steaming has been confirmed. If a place is not on this map it does not mean that vaginal steaming is not practiced in that location.

Click on each place marker for more information about the practice of steaming in each locality.


Given the wide distribution of the practice of vaginal steaming worldwide it may be concluded that vaginal steaming is a universal practice.

Noteworthy Findings

A couple noteworthy findings during this project are that 1) vaginal steaming is referenced in a variety of literary texts sometimes under the term "fumigation"; and 2) there are several hospitals that implement vaginal steam as therapy in medical treatments. More information about both of these items follows. 


The Eudaimonia Center - OB/GYN practice that uses vaginal steam as a therapy for patients. 

Atlanta Premier OB/GYN - Practice that uses vaginal steam as a therapy for patients.

Holistic Gynecology New York - OB/GYN practice that uses vaginal steam as a therapy for patients. 

Dani Williamson Wellness - Family Nurse Practitioner center that uses vaginal steam therapy for patients.

KyungHee BoGung Korean Medicine Hosptial - Uses vaginal steaming for treating wide array of gynecological diseases.

Beijing Tongshantang of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Uses vaginal steam in cervical cancer treatments.

Dunsan Korean Medical Hospital of Daejeon University - Alternative Cancer Treatment Therapy involves vaginal steaming.

Czech Republic -- Used in the maternity wards to expedite labor and prevent perineal tearing.


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